Professional Martial Arts Instruction In The Heart of Washington D.C.


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At BETA Academy, our mission is to connect people through the practice martial arts. Learning the martial arts is more than simply punching and kicking but in learning how to effectively defend ourselves we can then live healthier, more productive and more peaceful lives. At the core of our practice is a code that we can choose to live by on, and off the mats. These values influence how we train, how we run our school, and how we treat each other.
Nakapan Phungephorn - Owner/Founder of BETA Academy


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We hold ourselves, our training partners, even our opponents in the highest esteem. Showing others respect and gratitude fosters mutual trust, mutual assistance and makes the world a better place. One should not strive for one’s own gain but for “Jita Kyoei” - mutual gain and mutual benefit.


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We exercise restraint, self-control, and fully commit to focus our energy and achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves with maximum efficiency aka “Seiryoku Zenyo”. “Whatever the object, the best way of attaining it shall be the maximum or the highest efficient use of mental and physical energy directed to the aim.” – Jigaro Kano


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We challenge ourselves every day - not because it’s important to be better than someone else; but rather to be better than yesterday.


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The power we gain from martial arts training is not for the purpose of knocking or pinning down but instead to move our world in a positive direction. “Every tidal wave starts with a ripple.”

*NOTE About Principles: “Learn the principle, abide by the principle, and dissolve the principle. In short, enter a mold without being caged in it. Obey the principle without being bound by it.” – Bruce Lee